The woman I love

Emily and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary Yesterday and for the past 2 years life has been incredibly: thrilling, joyful, and filled with laughter, tears and struggles. Through it all I had never realized how great our love could grow. When I said “I do” it was hard to imagine how I could possibly love Emily any more. I realize now that our love was still in its infancy, though significant and true. Today I stand back and feel completely blessed; she is everything I hoped and dreamed for, and everything I need. My heart still leaps when she walks in the room, her beauty still gives me butterflies. She inspires me to be the man God has created me to be, for us and our one-day family. It’s only been two years and I know I have alot to still learn, but if there is one thing I have gleaned it’s this: marriage is most beautiful and fulfilling when you forget about yourself, and you sacrificially love your spouse.

Marriage has made me a better man, but more appropriately – Emily, you have made me a better man.

Thank you for loving me,




Olivia & Jordan Engaged – Toronto Luxury Wedding Photographer

Olivia and Jordan are one of those couples that you just love to hang out with. They are so kind, genuine, and real people. I absolutely loved hanging out with them and felt honoured to capture this season of their life.

Olivia and Jordan, you guys are incredible and a blessing to everyone around you. I cannot wait for your wedding this weekend!